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Choose your motif, remove the white backing paper


Position the motif face up on the garment. You are able to move it carefully around before you iron it on.


Place applique sheet, rajah cloth or glad bake paper over the motif (do not use anything else)

Set your iron on dry setting.Temperature should be to suit material.e.g. cotton material - cotton setting.Using you iron, press for 30 seconds over the applique sheet, rajah cloth or baking paper. Caefully turn the garment inside out and iron where the motif is affixed again for 30 seconds, still using your application sheet.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes and gently remove the clear plastic sheeting. If ironing on delicate material drop the setting on your iron to suit the  material and iron in 10 second lots so as not to burn the material.

The motif is now set.
For packet dots, stars and other individual small motifs use the iron as a press (still use the applique sheet), bringing the iron straight down on top of the motif. Still iron on the inside of the garment as with large motifs